“Sharp and brilliant observations of traditions that don’t die!”


— Mario Fratti, Author of Nine 

“Shut Up, Sit Down, and Enjoy! From tear-jerking to gut-busting, Shut Up Sit Down & Eat has charm, wit, laugh out loud humor and a few “aw” worthy moments!”


— Off Off Online

“Crisp and funny writing enhanced by a smooth stand up delivery.”


— The Front Row Center

“Funny…hearty laughs…perfect comic timing!  Anyone with a sense of humor will find laughs in this show, thanks largely to the idiosyncratic delivery of the performers.”


— Theatermania

“OMG! I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in a long time! My friend and I were in the front row of this small intimate theater and once the laughs began, it was hard to keep it together!”


— Milena Barrett, Be Your Best Mom

“So funny that even if you were NOT blessed to be born Italian – you’ll get every joke anyway!”


— Times Union

“When the show ended I realized that while life may not be easy for many people, the Italian passion and zest for life is something to envy! I can certainly see why this ‘PLOMEDY’ was nominated by the Off Broadway Alliance for “Best Unique Theatrical Experience!”


— Maytal Witchman, The Mamma Maven

“I truly enjoyed Shut Up Sit Down & Eat!  Personally, I think this one should be right on Broadway, it is well written, well cast and the performances are delivered to perfection!”


— Tracy Iglesias, Ascending Butterfly

“We were 7 friends in my group and we all could not stop laughing! They were great! One of the funniest Off Broadway shows we’ve seen…and we seen a lot! Highly recommend it!”


— Ticketmaster review

“Go see it, it will lighten your heart, lift your spirits and make you feel good about life!”


— Goldstar review

“You must see this play!  I’ve seen it three times and each time it felt like I was seeing it for the first time.  I am going back again, the play is hilarious.  The cast is wonderful!”


— Danny Aiello, actor

“Shut Up Sit Down & Eat is 90 minutes of back-to-back, Italian hilarity, a “plomedy” so relatable that a non-Italian becomes parte della famiglia. Shut Up Sit Down & Eat is a must-see for those who seek comfort in the fact that no matter how strange your family may seem, there’s always a more dysfunctional one out there!”


— Theatre is Easy